The Rebecca Tylor Center for Affordable Home-Ownership will include six or more Habitat new home-sites, and the saving and rehabilitation of the historically relevant Tylor House.  The seven contiguous lots make up much of the south-side of the 500 block of Gay Street and represent the only application of the Town of Denton “Redevelopment District Overlay Floating Zone”.

The Rebecca Tylor Center project will be a highly visible marque of successfuly removing blight and replacing it with revitalized affordable home ownership wrapped up in the compelling story of Mrs. Rebecca Morgan Huyck (Satterthwaite) Tylor (1823-1884), a wife, a mother, a teacher (of white children, free black children, and enslaved black children), a worker among the Society of Friends, a social reformist, an ardent abolitionist, a suffragette, a servant of the poor, and a community developer. A woman activist well ahead of her time, much like Lucretia Mott.