Dear Bill and all the Habitat Staff,

I want to thank you for all of the energy efficient services; insulation in the attic and underneath the house, water heater, refrigerator and energy efficient wall units.  All of these things have made my house more comfortable and affordable.  Once again thank you for providing upgrades to my home.

Thank you,

Weatherization Family

Read what our homeowners have said about their experience working with Tuckahoe Habitat.

Several years ago my neighbor called and asked me to give her a ride to church to listen to a presentation from Caroline County Habitat for Humanity (now Tuckahoe Habitat) I went there with the intention of helping a friend and in return I was blessed.  The presentation gave me hope.  I filled out the application for a Habitat home and went home that day thinking, owning a home woud be fantastic.  Weeks passed and I forgot about the application until one day when I got off from work and checked my mailbox.  There was a beautiful approval letter.  It was too good to be true.  My greatest memory of working with CCHFH (now Tuckahoe Habitat) was the dedication ceremony for our homes.  We had three families moving in at the same time and it was wonderful to see so many people there to support us.  It was a very memorable day for me and my family.
Working with CCHFH was like working with family. Everyone I met on my journey to homeownership still have a special place in my heart. I respect everyone that took time from their busy schedule to help us. It was  amazing working with the building team because they were so patient with us.  It was not an easy task building my home but it means so much more to me because I feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that my hard work, time and dedication was successful.

By: Allayne Burke Partner Family


Dear Mr. Clemens and Habitat for Humanity,

I really don't know were to begin or how to thank you properly for all the wonderful changes you have made in my lifestyle and my home. . .There are so many life changes that have happened because of the kindness of your organization reaching out to me as a polio survivor with special needs.  I was blessed. . . people who gave of their talents and time to make my life easier and more accommodating. . .Without Tuckahoe Habitat for Humanity's help I could never have afforded all these needed updates. . ."


-Former repair recipient